Dave’s School of Taxidermy: Tuition

  • 10 week course is ……$6925.00
  • 8 week course is………$5725.00
  • 6 week course is…….. $4850.00
  • 4 week course is………$3975.00
  • 2 week course is………$2000.00

Openings available now!!! 

Call us at 1-701-263-1101 to see if we can accomodate your schedule. Please contact us for details or use our enrollment form.

A 25% deposit secures your seat in the class, with the balance due on the first day of class. 50% of your deposit will be refunded if you cancel no less than 30 days prior to the start of your class.


Your tuition includes the cost of expendable supplies; such as clay, glue or hide-paste, ear base, etc…, used on your mounts.  A set of Breakthrough Magazines will also be included.  These are the basic textbooks of taxidermy and will help guide you along throughout the course as we give you the hands on experience.


Your expenses will be the cost of any specimens you ask me to provide for you (bringing all your own specimens will reduce this cost dramatically). You will be responsible for forms, eyes, artificial parts you choose to order; (i.e.. turkey heads, jaw sets), wood trim for bases, glass for glass cases, and your food.

How to Enroll

There are two ways to enroll for our classes:

  1. You can use our enrollment form to sign up or,
  2. You can call using our toll free number 1-701-263-1101.

We always look forward to hearing from people interested in learning the art of taxidermy.