Dave’s reproduction whitetail deer horns

You may be able to understand my surprise,
when a friend of mine, who borrowed my horns, called me and told me to check out It sure seems as if his little prank, to which I seem to be his main accomplice, got a little out of hand. Just so I don’t have to deal with Hansen’s lawyer, here is the real scoop on these antlers!!!!!!

These antlers were created as part of a competition piece I am working on for the 2006 North Dakota Taxidermy Exposition in Bismark this March. I was also teaching my taxidermy class how to make antler reproductions.

I started out with a reproduction of a 160 class B & C buck that I made. As the photos show, I widened the main beam, before they fully cured, and extended the beams and points to create the 7 by 7 typical that has caused such a fuss. By the way, they score about 279 B & C. We’ve had a lot of fun with these antlers and I’m sure we’re not done yet.

I was unaware of this photo being taken and distributed, and the individual in the photo is not affiliated with my business, however, I may have to hire him as an advertising consultant. Ha!Ha!

Obviously, I have this fake reproduction and other real reproductions for sale and teach these procedures in my school.

The following pictures show how I made these reproduction whitetail horns.